TOP 5 best kits for beginner tattoo artists

By Vlad Barikhin, Vlad Blad Irons CEO
Mai 10, 2024
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Tattooing is an art that requires not only artistic skills, but also quality equipment. In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in interest in tattoos, which makes the profession of a tattoo artist increasingly in demand. With the increasing number of people wanting to decorate their bodies with unique images, the need for professional tattoo artists is also increasing. This is especially true for beginning artists who are faced with the need to choose the first and perhaps the most important tool of their future profession - a tattoo kit. Choosing the right starter kit will not only make your first steps in learning this art easier, but will also help you avoid many mistakes related to the quality of work and safety.
«Let's say these are recommendations from an artist to other artists. Let's start with the classics.»
Vlad Barikhin
Vlad Blad Irons CEO

The importance of choosing the right equipment for beginner tattooists

Choosing tattoo equipment is key for beginners. High-quality tools not only allow you to develop technical skills, but also guarantee safety for both the tattoo artist and his clients. It is important for a beginning artist to have a set that will be maximally adapted for training and first practical attempts. Poor quality equipment can lead to poor tattoo results, which will affect the artist's reputation early in their career.

Key components of a kit for beginner tattoo artists

The main elements that a starter kit for tattoo artists should include are:
Each of these components plays an important role in the learning process and the first practical work. A properly selected starter kit will become a reliable basis for developing the skills of a new tattoo artist.

TOP 5 kits for beginner tattoo artists from VladBlad

Avenger 2 Pro Tattooer's Pack +36mm Grip

This set includes the Avenger 2 Pro multifunctional machine, capable of working in six different modes. Ideal for those who value versatility and high performance.

Components: Includes Avenger 2 Pro, PowerBox 5 Pro, AirCord Limited, Adjustable ClickLock Grip 36mm, and a free pack of Borneo grommets.

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Avenger 2 Pro Tattooer's Pack +32mm Grip

Almost identical to the previous set, but with a smaller holder, which may be more convenient for crafters with smaller hands or who prefer a thinner grip.

Components: Includes the same elements as the first set, but with a 32mm Adjustable ClickLock Grip.

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Avenger 2 Pro Tattooer's Pack +26mm Grip

This set offers the smallest grip size, ideal for those looking for maximum comfort and control over the machine while working.

Components: Includes Avenger 2 Pro, PowerBox 5 Pro, AirCord Limited, Adjustable ClickLock Grip 26mm, and a free pack of Borneo grommets.

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Avenger 2 Pro +Binding Posts Tattooer's Pack + 32mm Grip

A set with the unique ability to quickly switch machine operating modes thanks to the MultiStroke system, making it ideal for those who work in a variety of tattoo styles.

Components: Equipped with Avenger 2 Pro clipper with stands, PowerBox 5 Pro power supply, AirCord Limited cable, and Adjustable ClickLock Grip 32mm.
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Avenger 2 Pro +Binding Posts Tattooer's Pack + 26mm Grip

Similar to the previous set, but with a narrower holder for those who prefer even more compact solutions.

Components: Includes all the same elements as set #4, but with a 26mm adjustable holder.
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These kits are great for new tattoo artists, offering high-quality equipment with the flexibility and control to help beginners successfully master a variety of tattoo techniques.

How to choose the right kit for a beginner tattoo artist?

Choosing a starter tattoo kit is an important step that will determine the level of comfort and quality of the tattoos produced. There are several key factors to consider when choosing equipment.

Tips for choosing a kit based on personal preference, tattoo styles, and budget:
  • Choose a machine that suits your work style. Some craftsmen prefer lightweight rotary machines for precision work on parts, others choose spool machines for their power and versatility;
  • Make sure the set you choose allows you to work with a variety of styles. For example, fine lines and detailed work will require the appropriate types of needles and attachments;
  • Starter kits come in different price ranges. Determine your budget and try to find the best value for money, keeping in mind the safety and reliability of the equipment.
An overview of the important aspects to pay attention to when purchasing:
  • Study the materials from which the machine and accessories are made. A good set should be durable and reliable;
  • Check if the kit includes all the necessary components, such as power supply, needles, ink, and other consumables;
  • Having a warranty and having technical support available can make it much easier to get started;
  • Finding reviews from other novice DIYers can help you avoid common mistakes and choose a reliable kit.

Where can I buy starter kits?

Kits for beginner tattoo artists can be purchased both through online platforms and in specialized stores. However, special attention should be paid to purchasing directly from manufacturers or official distributors.

Recommendations for purchasing sets directly from the manufacturer's website or through trusted distributors:

  • Purchase on the official website

    Often manufacturers offer special conditions, discounts or exclusive bundles that are only available when purchased directly through their website;
  • Official distributors
    Purchasing through trusted distributors guarantees he authenticity of the products and compliance with all quality standards.
Advantages of purchasing original sets from "VladBlad"
  • 1
    High Quality
    VladBlad is known for its strict quality control and use of advanced technology in production;
  • 2
    Full customer support, the opportunity to receive advice on the use of equipment.
  • 3
    Trust of professionals
    Many experienced professionals recommend VladBlad products as reliable and easy to use.
When choosing a kit for a beginner tattoo artist, it is important to pay attention to detail and choose products from reputable manufacturers, which will guarantee a successful start to your tattoo career.


Choosing your first tattoo kit is not just a purchase, it is an investment in your future as a tattoo artist. Properly selected equipment will not only help develop skills, but also ensure safety and comfort at work, which is especially important for beginners. The first steps in the profession depend on the quality of the first tools, so the choice should be approached intelligently and carefully.

We invite you to check out the range of starter kits for tattoo artists on our website. Here you will find the highest quality products from renowned manufacturers that will help you confidently begin your journey in the art of tattooing. Don't miss the opportunity to make the right choice, which will become the basis of your mastery!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Understanding the different types of tattoo machines is crucial for every artist aiming to excel in this field. The journey of exploration doesn't stop here; in the next article, we will delve deeper into the realms of tattoo machine performance and reliability, aiding artists in making informed decisions for their craft.
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