Ultron Pen Products
When developing Ultron Pen, we set ourselves the task of creating a machine that could be used with a wide range of needles and in different tattoo styles.

I dreamed of creating a machine that would suit equally well for whipshading, dense color packing with 15M, soft black and grey shades and 3-18RL outlines. It took us three years to develop such a machine. During these three years we have tried dozens of various mechanisms and motors.

Сlassical mechanisms used in most pens are reliable, but suit extremely poorly for lining. We tested mechanisms that hit like coils but they were noisy and quickly wore out.

And it was implementing of TRIZ (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) that brought us to the development of a simple and reliable mechanism that is surprisingly effective with the full spectrum of needles and tattoo styles.

Following the TRIZ principles, we threw everything unnecessary out of the mechanism and strengthened all the common weak points of pens. Our mechanism has one of the lowest frictional coefficients among all pens with vertically positioned engines in the world and, as a result, one of the highest efficiency coefficients.

In practice this means that a relatively small motor can transfer much more power to a cartridge than other pens.

Combined with a very light, almost inertialess mechanism without excessive friction and springs, the motor revealed its full potential at a wide rpm range and allowed artists to feel the skin better in order not to damage it too much.

It also contributes to an increase in the engine service life. The mechanism is well-balanced, which provides minimal vibration despite its light weight. We took into account all the weak points of pens and strengthened them. There are two Japanese bearings in the mechanism instead of one. And in order to protect two bearings in the motor, an additional bearing was installed. There are thus five fine bearings installed in our pen.
The mechanism is designed in such a way that it is returned to its initial position not by the spring, but by the motor itself. This helps prevent the delay in the needle going out of the skin when using cartridges with a soft membrane and allows to work at low speed even with cartridges with a very hard membrane.

The only disadvantage of this mechanism is a bit more noise compared to classic pens, but this noise is barely audible and is not a malfunction.

The stroke is 3.5 mm, but due to its mechanism, the pen works with shadows as softly as if it had a 2.7-3.5 mm stroke and makes steady outlines as if it had a 3.7-4.2 mm stroke.

After a year of testing, we have perfected this mechanism and we are truly proud of it.

It is simple, reliable and efficient just like an AK-47.
For all these three years we have been looking for a motor that would have great power, would be reliable and small. We carefully analysed the engine failure statistics of well-known Swiss and German brands.

Finally, we ordered a motor designed according to our specifications. The motor has 2 reliable Japanese bearings, a reinforced brush component, a perfectly balanced rotor and the most powerful neodymium magnets - all packed in a rigid stainless steel body. The motors are assembled hermetically enough to make it difficult to disable them by drowning with oil, as is often happens with motors of some well-known brands.

In terms of reliability and power, our motors effectively compete and often surpass motors of famous brands. We possess statistics on breakdowns of various motors from different manufacturers and suppliers of tattoo equipment so we know what we're talking about!

The motors are made to our specifications in China and undergo additional quality control at our workshop in Moscow.

This model is equipped with a 7 watt V1C7 motor, 10500 rpm (175 Hz).
Design and Ergonomics
It is one of the lightest and shortest pens on the market. The centre of gravity is shifted downwards as much as possible, so it does not outweigh or pull your hand back even with plastic grips. And if you decide to use a heavier grip, you will get a fantastic control and great experience.

Length (without cartridge)
: 104 mm
Diameter of the body: 23.5 mm
Diameter of the grip in its thickest place: 27 mm
Weight (without grip): 78,5 g
Weight with thin grip (basic): 104g
Weight with wide grip: 130 g

Thanks to the light weight of the machine and to our mechanism inside, it's easier to feel the skin and control how deep you push the needle in it. The shape of the grip was chosen from more than ten different test variants. It allows the pen not to roll around the table and at the same time it is very pleasant and comfortable to hold. The RCA connector is closed and protected from damage.

You can use any disposable or reusable grips compatible with Cheyenne. The surface of our pen was carefully prepared and anodised to become durable and scratch-resistant. The entire surface of the machine can be treated with disinfecting alcohol-containing solutions. The grips can be autoclaved.
The artists note how easy it is to make lines even in difficult places without gaps and blowouts. They also note how great and fast you can work with thin and thick outlines with this pen, noticeably better than with the other ones. Most artists compliment softness in black and grey, color gradients and, at the same time, speed, density and atraumatic colour packing even with large needles at a high voltage.

This is one of the few pens that can be effectively used for Whip Shading.

All in all, it is a multifunctional tattoo machine that allows you to do whatever you need in any tattoo style with any kind of needles by simply changing the voltage!
Operating regimes
Thin outlines: 7-9 V
Thick outlines: 8-10 V
Black&Grey : 6,5-9 V
Color realism: 6,5-9 V
Colour packing: 8,5-10 V
Dotwork: 6-7 V
Whip shading: 6-9 V