Avenger 2 Pro with Binding posts Tattooer's Pack

Vlad Blad


Great decision for artists who decided to update the stuff or for newbe, who are choosing his first set.
Look at our new profitable kit including awesome stuff! You'll love it!

At the heart of this kit lies our latest invention Avenger 2 Pro - This is a 6 machines in 1.

A mere 7 seconds is all it takes for the unique mode switch system MultiStroke™ to shift between six tattooing modes. Forget the screwdrivers and a machine reassembly. It is done without pausing a current session. In under seven seconds, you gain access to full selections of available strokes: 3.2 - 3.5 - 3.8 - 4.2 - 4.7 - 5.5 mm.

Incredibly powerful motor

We had decided to manufacture the most powerful motor ever installed in this type of a tattoo machine.

We've increased the power up to 10,5 Watt in our new M2 motor, which is x1,5 times more than a previous generation motor. The torque increased x1.9 times! That much power provides smooth operation with long stroke needle cartridge configurations even at radically low rpms.
We haven't installed such a powerful motor just for show! It makes sense. In a longer stroke mode – the motor works under much more load, than in a shorter stroke mode. An average motor would wear off faster, especially when the machine is set with a hard membrane cartridge – it simply won't start at a lower voltage

The widest operating speed range among tattoo machines.

The M2 motor allows you to work at a very high voltage setting, yet to keep great performance and control when the voltage setting is very low. Avenger 2 Pro starts and delivers pigment at radically low voltage settings with classic needles and cartridges even in 5.5 mode.

What you'll get in your kit:

1. Avenger 2 Pro with binding posts
A universal and modern tool for those who love the classic style of tattoo machines and the simultaneous ability to work with pre-made and cartridges.

2. PowerBox 5 Pro
Power supply with LED display and tough microprocessor for intense and confident work.

3. AirCord Limited
For stable connect and effective work.

4. Adjustable ClickLock Grip 26mm
- An update to the Adjustable Aluminium Cartridge Grip!
Lightweight and comfortable grip of the highest quality in a minimalist design.

+ A Gift Borneo Grommets

Please pay attention that product which is shipped to you may slightly differ in appearance from product represented at the photos. Product appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.


Incredibly powerful motor: M2 motor (10,5 Watt)

Weight of the Avenger 2 Pro: 4.76oz/135g

Material: Some Avenger 2 Pro parts are made of recycled aluminum widely used in the aerospace industry.

Weight of the grip: 2,0 Oz/57,4 g

Diameter of the grip: 26 mm.

Material: Reusable grip made of partially recycled aircraft-grade aluminum


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