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By Vlad Barikhin, Vlad Blad Irons CEO
Mai 12, 2024
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One of the most significant innovations in recent years has been the emergence of wireless tattoo machines, which significantly expand the capabilities of artists, making the tattooing process more flexible and mobile. VladBlad, known for its innovations in the field of tattoo equipment, is actively developing and improving wireless machines, offering the market high-quality and technologically advanced solutions.

VladBlad is one of the leading tattoo equipment manufacturers in the world. The company has established itself as a developer of unique tattoo machines that are reliable, durable and innovative. Their products focus on ease of use, build quality, and adaptability to different tattoo styles. VladBlad actively embraces new technologies such as wireless connectivity and ergonomic design, allowing tattoo artists to achieve superior results without the limitations of traditional corded machines.
«Let's say these are recommendations from an artist to other artists. Let's start with the classics.»
Vlad Barikhin
Vlad Blad Irons CEO

Advantages of wireless tattoo machines

VladBlad wireless tattoo machines offer many advantages over traditional models. The main one is mobility. The absence of wires gives freedom of movement during work, which is especially important when performing complex and large-scale tattoos. It also simplifies workspace setup because it doesn't require a constant connection to a power source and reduces the number of wires on your workbench.

Another important advantage is improved ergonomics. Cordless machines are usually lighter and more comfortable to balance in the hand, which reduces fatigue during long-term use. This, in turn, helps tattoo artists achieve more accurate and neat results.

Technological improvements also play a role. Many VladBlad cordless machines are equipped with advanced batteries that provide long battery life and allow you to fine-tune the speed and power of the device, which is critical for a variety of tattoo styles and techniques.

These advantages make cordless tattoo machines from VladBlad the ideal choice for modern tattoo artists seeking maximum flexibility, comfort and high quality workmanship.

Review of the best VladBlad wireless models

Ultron 3

Ultron 3 is an advanced cordless tattoo machine designed for professional artists looking for maximum reliability and convenience. The model features a compact design and an advanced battery system.

  • Type of machine: rotary;
  • Weight: 200 grams;
  • Battery life: up to 10 hours;
  • Full charge time: 2 hours.
  • High power and stable operation;
  • Quick battery replacement thanks to the magnetic fastening system;
  • Compatible with a wide range of needles and cartridges.
Possible disadvantages:
  • High cost compared to other models;
  • It may take additional time to adapt to the lightness and balance of the machine.

Custom Ultron 2

Custom Ultron 2 is a customizable version of the popular Ultron model, offering enhanced features to suit the individual needs of the tattoo artist.

  • Type of machine: rotary;
  • Weight: 190 grams
  • Individual speed and impact settings;
  • Integrated display to show charge level and settings.
  • Ability to customize parameters for specific tasks and tattoo styles;
  • Ergonomic design and reduced weight for comfort during long-term use;
  • Versatility in use with various types of cartridges.
Possible disadvantages:
  • Requires regular adjustment and maintenance;
  • More difficult to use for beginners.

Avenger 3 Pro

The Avenger 3 Pro is one of the most powerful models in the VladBlad line-up, aimed at professionals who demand maximum performance and precision.

  • Type of machine: rotary;
  • Weight: 220 grams;
  • Adjustable needle depth;
  • Removable batteries with the ability to charge outside the machine.
  • High speed and accuracy of work;
  • Long operating time thanks to powerful batteries;
  • Easy to maintain and hygienic due to easy-to-clean components.
Possible disadvantages:
  • Relatively heavy compared to other models;
  • The price is higher, which may not be justified for beginning craftsmen.
All VladBlad cordless tattoo machine models are compatible with most standard cartridges and needles, allowing tattooists to use their favorite supplies without restrictions.

Speed and Power Adjustment Options: Each model has built-in features to adjust the speed and power of the impact, allowing you to fine-tune the machine based on your specific job requirements. This is especially important for performing various tattoo techniques, from fine line to full wash color.

Tattoo artists using Ultron 3 models often report the machine's exceptional stability and power, allowing them to perform work with high precision and less discomfort for the client. Custom Ultron 2 users appreciate the ability to customize the machine, allowing it to be adapted to their unique work techniques. Avenger 3 Pro owners highlight high performance and ergonomic design as key factors in ensuring comfort even during long sessions.

Ultron 3 designs often include complex graphic and geometric designs where precision in every stroke is important. Custom Ultron 2's adaptability makes it ideal for portraits and detailed color work where speed and power settings need to be changed frequently. The Avenger 3 Pro, on the other hand, is often used to create large, color-rich pieces due to its ability to handle large volumes of paint efficiently.

Comparison of models

Ultron 3
Ultron 3 stands out for its power and ability to last for a long time, making it ideal for large and complex tattoos
Custom Ultron 2
Custom Ultron 2 offers a high degree of customization, which is a big plus for tattoo artists who use a variety of techniques and styles
Avenger 3 Pro
The Avenger 3 Pro provides exceptional comfort and reduced hand fatigue, which is critical for tattoo artists who spend long hours in the salon
For tattoo artists who often work on large projects and need a powerful and reliable machine, the Ultron 3 is the optimal choice. If the ability to fine-tune the machine to suit different tasks and styles is important, you should pay attention to the Custom Ultron 2. Avenger 3 Pro is recommended for those professionals who prioritize long sessions and a high level of work comfort.

The choice of a suitable model depends on the individual preferences of the tattoo artist and the specifics of his work. Each model has its own unique characteristics that can significantly improve the quality of work and meet specific needs in the art of tattooing.

Care and Maintenance

Caring for VladBlad cordless tattoo machines is important to maintain their performance and longevity. Here are some recommendations:

  1. After each use, clean the machine thoroughly, removing any remaining paint and blood. For this purpose, use special disinfectants intended for tattoo equipment;
  2. Regularly check and, if necessary, lubricate the moving parts of the machine to ensure their smooth operation and prevent wear;
  3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging and storing batteries. Do not allow the battery to completely discharge and also avoid overcharging it to extend its service life;
  4. Once every few months, carry out a complete diagnostic of the machine to check the condition of the electrical components and mechanisms;
  5. If parts are worn or damaged, replace them immediately to avoid further damage and maintain the quality of the machine;
  6. Avoid falls and impacts. Since mechanical shocks can lead to internal damage, always handle the machine carefully;
  7. Do not overload the machine. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the duration of continuous operation and permissible load;
  8. Store in a protected environment. Use special cases or covers to store your machine to protect it from dust and moisture.


Choosing a VladBlad wireless tattoo machine is an investment in the quality and comfort of your work. Models such as Ultron 3, Custom Ultron 2 and Avenger 3 Pro offer a variety of features and settings, making them suitable for a wide range of tattoo styles and techniques. It is important to consider not only the functional characteristics, but also the ease of operation, durability and ease of maintenance of the machine.

Considering your professional needs and preferences, choose the model that best suits your work style. Proper care and regular maintenance will help maintain the high quality of the machine and ensure its longevity. Using VladBlad cordless tattoo machines, you gain creative freedom and confidence in every movement.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Understanding the different types of tattoo machines is crucial for every artist aiming to excel in this field. The journey of exploration doesn't stop here; in the next article, we will delve deeper into the realms of tattoo machine performance and reliability, aiding artists in making informed decisions for their craft.
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