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Ultron 3 manual


Thin outlines - 76-106
Thick outlines - 100-110
Black & Grey - 70-110
Color realism - 70-100
Color packing - 94-106
Dotwork - 64-77
Whip shading - choose a longer stroke

Thin outlines - 76-100
Thick outlines - 88-110
Black & Grey - 71-100
Color realism - 70-100
Color packing - 94-100
Dotwork - 64-77
Whip shading - 65-100

Thin outlines - 72-95
Thick outlines - 83-104
Black & Grey - 66-94
Color realism - 66-94
Color packing - 83-95
Dotwork - 60-72
Whip shading - 60-95

3.7 mm stroke

4.2 mm stroke

4.7 mm stroke


Use cartridges with a membrane that do not let all kinds of impurities inside the machine.

DO NOT use cartridges without a membrane, that lets ink and blood into the machine! This can lead to a cross-contamination, as well as to a malfunction and loss of warranty.

Only use cartridges of high quality
and of standard size.

DO NOT use cartridges of not standard sizes or poor quality cartridges that let ink and other potentially contaminated fluids inside the machine!

Use only high-quality disposable grips of proven brands with a thread compatible with Cheyenne.

DO NOT use low-quality grips!
This can lead to jamming and damage to the thread of the pen.

DO NOT use too much force when tightening the grip.
This can damage the thread.

Use a barrier sleeve for the body of the pen and cover the grip with several layers of a flexible bandage.

DO NOT use the pen without barrier sleeves! This can lead to a cross-contamination.

Wipe the body of the pen, the grip and the cavity with the pushing bar inside using napkins and cotton buds with alcohol-based disinfection and sterilization solutions (alcohol evaporates quickly and won’t expose components of the pen to corrosion).

DO NOT soak neither body of the pen nor the grip in disinfection and sterilization solutions. Do not spray them over the pen either.

DO NOT autoclave or use dry heat sterilizers on the body
the pen! The motor, coating and mechanism will become unusable.

You can apply a thin layer of vaseline on the tailstick of the cartridge to ease the friction and lessen the noise.

DO NOT put any oils or other liquids in the machine!
That will lead to malfunction and loss of the warranty!


Compatible with autoclaves, ozone sterilizers and cold sterilization methods in solutions with non-aggressive acidity or alkalinity.

We highly recommend CaviCide™ Cleaning and disinfectant solution & Madacide-FD or other solutions with similar compound.

We highly recommend using disposable grips compatible
with Cheyenne!

DO NOT use dry heat sterilizer and do NOT use alkaline or acid cleaning agents with strong bases (high or low pH). Doing so will damage the grips and warranty will be void.

DO NOT let the grip contact any dirty surfaces during and after the process of sterilization.


1) Pressing the center button briefly turns the motor on and off;

2) Use the left button to decrease the speed of the motor;

3) Use the right button to increase the speed of the motor;

4) Pressing the center button longer (2 seconds) switches between the operation speed memory slots;

5) Pressing the central button for a long time (10 seconds) enters the menu.


The motor automatically turns off after 15 or 30 seconds if the machine is stationary and automatically turns on when it is lifted off the table.

You can disable the function or change the time of the automatic stop in the menu item Start-stop:

1) Enter the menu with a long press on the center button (10 seconds);

2) Depending on the version of the operating system of the machine:

- the Start-stop item will be displayed 3 seconds after entering the menu;
- if another menu item is displayed, press the left button twice to go to Start-stop menu item.

3) Use the right button to select the desired setting;

4) Press the left button to save the setting and exit the menu.

The pen does not have a shutdown function with a button and automatically turns off after 2 minutes of inactivity.

DO NOT not leave the battery in direct sunlight, do not allow storage at high temperatures (more than 45 degrees), do not store the machine completely discharged in order to prevent loss of battery capacity.


The most common disposable grips in the world are Cheyenne-compatible grips. We have specially made threads on our Ultron 3 like on Cheyenne pens, so that our beloved clients do not experience difficulties in finding disposable grips anywhere in the world.

According to Cheyenne's standard, disposable grips can dangle in the threads of the pen. This is done in order to wrap the pen thread into a barrier protection - into a disposable sleeve. In this case, you get a steady, tight movement of the grip without dangling.

Please wrap our pen into a sleeve as shown in this video (scan the QR code) and the disposable grips will fit tightly on it.


or read it below!

  • We provide a one-year warranty.

  • The estimated loss of battery capacity (not guaranteed) under operating conditions is less than 15% for 2 years of use. We guarantee the loss of no more than 20% of the battery capacity in 1 year.

  • This machine has been built to show the manufacturer if it has been opened or modified in any way. In this case the warranty will be void.

  • If you purchased the machine from our distributors, please provide the receipt or the warranty card in any form to get the warranty service.

  • In case of any trouble contact us via Instagram - @vbi_support or via e-mail - We will be happy to answer your questions!


1) Pressing the left button switches the menu items;

2) Pressing the right button changes the setting;

3) The settings are saved and the menu is exited by pressing the left button.