Coil machine

Thank you very much for trusting our products and purchasing this coil machine.

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Work on 5-8 V.

Use clip-cords and pedals with a wire size of at least 0.75 mm.

Do not use poor quality clip-cords and pedals.

Use RCA cables from Vlad Blad Irons or other reputable and quality brands.

Do not use poor quality RCA cable! You risk getting unstable work and damaging the connector on the machine.

Use with power supplies from Vlad Blad Irons or other well-known and high-quality brands that are stable at an output current of at least 3A.

Do not use the machine with poor quality power supplies! You risk getting an unstable contact.

For disinfection, use cotton swabs soaked in an alcohol-based antiseptic solution (alcohol evaporates very quickly, without exposing machine parts to the risk of corrosion).

For sterilization we recommend CaviCide™ Cleaning and disinfectant solution and Madacide-FD or products with a similar composition.

Do not overspray your machine with antiseptics.


It is recommended to connect and disconnect the RCA cable with clockwise rotation only!

Counterclockwise rotation (or both directions) will loosen the connector socket and damage it!


or read it below!

  • 1 year standard warranty on all components including springs.

  • Unique 25-year warranty on the frame, electrics (coil soldering, capacitor, wiring) moving parts (armature bar)*

  • Lifetime free tests/tunings in our workshop or at conventions for any owner*.

  • Damage due to impacts, pouring and handling with liquids, followed by corrosion of external and internal elements, discoloration.


  • Premium steel frame for optimal vibration damping
  • Built-in RCA connector
  • Fantastic SuperJaws lock that won't break plastic back-stems
  • Needle clamp system
  • Amazing skin feedback for total control
  • Atraumatic
  • Longlife Monospring
  • 25 year warranty for first owner
  • With care for the environment

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

*The Unique warranty only works for the first owner.

**The machine must contain original components and not be modified by design (an o-ring on the spring also counts as one).

  • Chips on coatings in the area of the clamp-lock.

  • Chips and peeling of coating on any part of the machine a year after purchase.

  • Self-repairs and modifications.

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We will be happy to answer your questions!

Quality department contacts:


You'll find detailed video instructions for maintenance on our YouTube channel (scan the code).

  • Saving the machine settings

  • Spring breakage

  • Paint splattering

  • Loss of contact

  • Loose RCA, etc.

Do not apply voltage higher than 10 volts! This may lead to malfunction.