Ultron Pen Tattooer's Pack

Vlad Blad
This Pack is a great solution for artists who have decided to update their lineup or are just starting to tattoo.

We've put together a well-priced set of cool equipment that will definitely fit your needs.

At the heart of the kit is Ultron Pen, a versatile, easy-to-use pen for everything from fine lines to solid lines with large groupings of needles. It's suitable for all styles and skill levels.

1. Ultron Pen
A small, lightweight and super reliable machine with a wide range of features.
Read more about it here - ultronpen.vladblad.com

2. PowerBox 4
A multi-purpose power supply with a display and a cool microprocessor for smooth performance. The features include 2 memory slots and a maintain mode.

3. RCA Ultralight
For stable connection and effective work.

Length (without cartridge): 104 mm

Diameter of the body: 23.5 mm

Diameter of the grip in its thickest pla: 27 mm

Weight (without grip): 78,5 g

Weight with thin grip (basic): 104 g

Weight with wide grip: 130 g

Motor: 7 watt V1C7 motor, 10500 rpm (175 Hz)

Material: The surface of our pen was carefully prepared and anodised to become durable and scratch-resistant.

Weight PowerBox 4: 150 g

Material PowerBox 4: It's made from full piece of aluminum.