PowerBox 5 Pro by Sergey Shpigel

Vlad Blad


Unleash the full capacity of your tattoo machine.

Tattoo machines do not consume energy evenly. They create load peaks from 30 to 150 times per second. For example, when you see a current strength of 0.8 amps on your power supply, you might actually have from 5 to 8 amps current strength at peak values.

If the power supply cannot provide high peak power, it cuts off the capability of your tattoo machine. This is very noticeable and significant for coils, for an instant armature bar acceleration and proper hit. It is less noticeable, but still important for rotary machines with any type of motor.

The PowerBox 5 will simply provide voltage stability on every single pulse and you will feel your machine begin to apply pigment under the skin much better. The more pigment applied under the skin in the same amount of time, the less traumatic the process, the better and faster the healing, the richer and brighter the result.

Launch Control. Powerful, stable and safe

Do you have to raise the voltage and then lower it to start the machine at a low voltage? Does the machine lack power to push the cartridge if the ink in it is a little dry? The intelligent Launch Control system does it all for you and keeps your RPMs stable at low voltages.
The power supply knows when you want to start the machine at low RPMs and provides an easy and safe start of the motor even with stiff cartridges. You'll love the stability of your tattoo machine on low voltages.
Launch Control works only at low voltages to help start and automatically shuts off on high ones.

The world's smallest of the most powerful

We've been making our legendary coils since 2007. Many popular power supplies were too weak to reveal their true capabilities, and often shut down in an emergency before they could handle the load. So we had to develop our own. This is the fifth generation of them.
We simply took all of our successful years of experience, used quality powerful electronic components and added the most effective capacitors ever used in a tattoo power supply. Then we put it all in the most compact and lightest form factor on the market.

Stable, stable again!

Does your machine's power fluctuate all the time and depends on power fluctuations? You may have 110V, you may have 240V, you may have stable mains voltage, or it may constantly fluctuate. All this does not affect the operation of the tattoo machine, the PowerBox 5 Pro can easily cope with this.

Does the coil machine start to run weaker during a session after a couple of hours? If it gets too hot (the resistance of the copper wire in the coils has increased and the power has dropped), you should let it cool down or put a cooler on it. If it is just warm but the power has dropped, then the problem is in the power supply. With the PowerBox 5 you won't have this happen because of the power unit.

Do you want to run a powerful coil machine with a huge hang and still get truly awesome performance? Then the PowerBox 5 Pro is your choice.

Enjoy your creativity without worrying about the equipment.


— 1.5 to 19 Volts
— 8 Amps peak current and 5 Amps constant current.
— No sensors, just tactilely pleasant buttons to press. Each press is accompanied by an audio signal.
— 4 voltage memory cells
— Precise voltage adjustment with a 0.1 Volt step per push. Longer press will change the volts faster.
— Comfortable operation without pedal and in trigger mode.
— The operation is stable even when using pedals with dirty or low-quality wire contacts.
— A display with large numerals.
— A powerful magnet and rubber base.
— The power supply firmly magnetizes to metal surfaces and stands firmly on any other.
— Smooth one-piece aircraft aluminum case with antibacterial coating on the button panel.
— Easy to clean and to pack into standard sized barrier bags.
— Comes with a worldwide universal plug power adapter.
— Traditional VBI reliability — each item passes a 24-hour stress test.
— 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.


To be fully confident in the product, we perform a stress test before shipping our power supplies to the customer. A special simulation stand turns on each PowerBox 5 Pro and puts it under high load 4320 times for 24 hours.


The premium PowerBox 5 body is made from partially recycled aluminum used in the aerospace industry. The ultra-compact size significantly reduces the amount of waste in production. Waste metal is completely recyclable.

We've eliminated everything that is unnecessary from the box and simplified the packaging itself. After all, it's what's inside that counts.

We give 2 years of warranty for the power supply and 1 year for adapter. In case of physical damage of cords and power supply, as well as case opening the warranty service will be lost. If you consider the power supply is not worth the money paid, you can return it during 2 weeks. It should be in it's initial condition and package.

Please pay attention that power box which is shipped to you may vary slightly from box represented at the photos. Product appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.


Size: 35 mm (1,3 inc) x 53 mm (2 inc) x 53 mm (2 inc)

Material: The premium PowerBox 5 body is made from partially recycled aluminum used in the aerospace industry.


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