Ultron 2 Pack

Vlad Blad


Ultron 2 - One Pen for all kinds of operations.
The most compact of the world's most powerful pens.

At the heart of the kit is our latest development, the Ultron 2, a multi-purpose, powerful pen for everything from thin and thick lines to fast solid paint with large groups of needles. The machine is suitable for all styles and skill levels.

What you'll get in your kit:

1. Ultron 2 Big Heavy Premium Grip
Small, lightweight but incredibly powerful machine with a wide range of capabilities and a powerful hit.

Comes with a enlarged heavy stainless steel grip, that will put coil lovers in a delightfully nostalgic mood.
The 35 mm / 1,37 inch diameter allows you to handle the pen with maximum comfort for your fingers. Increased diameter provides additional comfort and control while working.
Super-heavy weight 332 g (11.7 Oz) gives amazing stability for smooth outlines and amazing comfort since the center of gravity of your pen is now entirely concentrated at the end of it. With this grip you won't feel the cord at all! You will really enjoy the comfort and level of control over your pens with this grip. All this also significantly relieves the strain from your fingers.

Can be autoclaved, hot-air sterilised, wiped with disinfectant solutions and soaked in them.The grip is almost indestructible.

2. PowerBox 5 Pro
Power supply with LED display and tough microprocessor for intense and confident work.

3. AirCord Limited
For stable connect and effective work.

Please pay attention that product which is shipped to you may slightly differ in appearance from product represented at the photos. Product appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.


Size: 25 mm (0,98 inch) x 108 mm (4,25 inch)

Weight: 332 g (11.7 Oz)

Stroke: 4.0 mm

Motor: 10,5 Watt

Material: The Ultron Pen 2 is made from partially recycled aluminum used in the aerospace industry.

Material PowerBox 5: The premium PowerBox 5 body is made from partially recycled aluminum used in the aerospace industry.


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