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Ultron 3

A new magical way to interact with the pen.
Groundbreaking hit-control features designed for less skin trauma and getting the pigment under the skin faster.
An innovative mechanism layout, with a low center of gravity for stunning comfort and protection of your hands.
The motor and its control unit are designed from the ground up to get a sharper hit and put you in total control over the tattooing process.


3.7 mm stroke — Soft versatility. Thin and medium lines. Black & Grey. Soft color transitions.
4.2 mm stroke — Maximum versatility. From thin to thick lines. From soft color transitions to solid color packing.
4.7 mm stroke — Hard and sharp hit. Linework & Blackwork. Big lines — quickly and easily. Fast color packing. On any skin area.

  • Innovative DirectPower motor control unit
  • Less skin trauma and better healing thanks to StableHit technology
  • Fast and clear lines that won't come out broken or weak after healing
  • Fast and solid packing with pigments of any density
  • Incredible ergonomics — the most compact wireless pen with the lowest center of gravity
  • User-friendly display and control buttons location
  • Start-stop mode
  • Compatible with Cheyenne disposable grips
  • 5-7 hours of operation with the built-in rechargeable battery
  • Fast charging with USB-C. 15 minutes of charging = 1.5 hours of use
  • Eco-friendly packaging and design
  • Powerful at low hit frequency (operates at 30 Hz and up)
  • Precise hit frequency change in 1 Hz steps

Less skin trauma, better results

Electronic and mechanical technologies used in Ultron 3 change the nature of the hit allowing the needle to penetrate the skin faster and stay under the skin for a moment longer, thereby leaving a little more pigment with each hit. The sharper hit allows you to pack more densely without blank spots and make lines in one pass that won't fall apart over time.

High level feedback

Due to the combined work of the unique mechanical and electronic systems, you will easily feel the moment the needle enters the skin, giving you more control.

Significant Innovations

For the first time in the industry, we have developed both the motor and electronics that control the machine specifically for tattoo machines and to work as one unit. The electronics receive data from the motor directly and instantly adjust its operation, maintaining a stable speed and consistent hit.

The most compact, the most reliable, the most powerful

We developed the M3Pro ​​brushless motor specifically for tattoo machines. It works perfectly over a wide frequency range of 30-130 Hz.

Faster and more efficient

The DirectPower motor control unit feeds the motor in an advanced way. The motor is always supplied with a stable 12 volts and the speed is adjusted by changing the magnetic fields. This makes the hit sharper even at low RPMs and removes the risk of insufficient penetration of the skin at low RPMs. This has a very good effect on the machine's ability to get more pigment into the skin.

The nature of the hit you need available in any conditions

A professional needs full control. The nature of the hit should not change during work. This allows you to feel the machine better, apply the pigment faster and damage the skin less. The nature of the hit, ranging from soft to sharp and then to hard, is regulated by the frequency. You set the desired parameter and regardless of needle size, pressure applied onto the skin, membrane stiffness, or battery charge, you always get the same consistent frequency and hit nature. This allows you to always get the pigment to the exact depth you need. You won't have any gaps in your packing and lines after healing. All this is monitored by the StableHit system, which picks up the slightest change in pressure on the needle and instantly corrects the rate of displacement of the magnetic field in the motor.

Mechanical technologies for a magic hit

The flywheel mounted on the motor takes the energy that the cartridge membrane gives off when the needle returns inside the cartridge. The flywheel then stores that energy and gives it back when the motor pushes the needle into the skin. This makes the hit sharper by increasing the speed of the needle at the very end of the amplitude. This allows the needle to stay under the skin a little longer and deliver more pigment.

Comfort during work

Ultron 3 is equipped with motion and position sensors. The start-stop intelligent system identifies what you're doing. The motor turns on when you have the machine in your hand and turns off when the machine is on the table.

Your hands will thank you

The most compact and powerful pen in the world. The Ultron 3 has the lowest center of gravity of any pen on the market due to its unique layout. There is almost no vibration. All this allows you to immerse yourself in the creative process and the machine simply becomes an extension of your hand.


Our machines don't need to be replaced once a year. We're against the waste of disposable stuff piling up in landfills all over the world. That's why we put large, reliable bearings in our motors and thoroughly test each component before assembly as well as the finished machine. Even if you stop your Ultron 3 by pressing the needle against a hard surface, the smart electronics will simply shut off the motor and prevent anything from breaking.

Environmental responsibility

Ultron 3 is made of partially recycled aerospace grade aluminum. Aluminum production is one of the most energy-consuming and polluting industries in the world. The design and size of Ultron 3 reduces the amount of aluminum needed by almost 50%, compared to more fancy and thick pen forms. All metal waste gets fully recycled. Hazardous chemical waste resulting from the hull coating process is cleaned and not discharged into rivers. We’ve removed all unnecessary things from the box, including USB-С cables, of which you probably already have several. We have also made the package as simple and compact as possible. After all, the main thing is what’s inside.


Please pay attention that machine which is shipped to you may slightly differ in appearance from machine represented at the photos. Machine appearance depends on details available in stock and it is defined by manufacturer.


Weight: 179 g (6.27 oz)

Dimensions: 31 mm x 132 mm (1,22 in x 5,19 in)

Motor: M3Pro (12.6W) with a flywheel

Material: Ultron 3 is made of partially recycled aerospace grade aluminum.

Battery capacity: 2040 mAh


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