Traditional Ultimate Pack Pro

Vlad Blad


This Pack is a must-have for tattoo artists specializing in Traditional style and will cover the wide range of needs for those Loyal to the coil.

The Pack is built around two machines that excel in medium and bold lines, as well as all kinds of shading/packing.

Whether you start your way as an artist or just feel tired of most rotaries' lameness, these two won't fail your expectations.

Our coils are several times faster than almost all rotaries when used on areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hands and knees. No need to press down on the needle and stretch the skin too much. With our coils, you simply touch the skin and let your creativity run free.

Each coil machine in this pack can boast of:

· Premium steel frame optimal for vibration damping
· Built-in RCA connector
· Fantastic SuperJaws tube vise that doesn't break plastic backstems
· Needle stabilizer (No need to use rubber bands)
· Sharp and controlled hit without blowouts
· Amazing skin feedback for full control
· Non-traumatic experience for clients' skin
· Longlife Monospring
· 25 year warranty for the first owner
· Care for the environment


Infinite Liner Pro (199 g.): For crisp one pass 7-18+RL lines.

Blacker Packer Pro (212 g.): For fast and solid black/color packing with 7-25+M.

PowerBox 5 Pro: A power supply with a LED display and tough microprocessor for intense and confident work.

Ultralight Footswitch + CCUA: A lightweight and durable footswitch with high sensitivity.

RCA Ultralight Armor: For stable connection and effective work.

Special: + Free Borneo Grommets

Warranty: 25 year warranty for the first owner


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