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Vlad Blad Remarkable 2023 Year: Innovation, Expansion, and Unwavering Commitment

Amidst the challenges of the past year, our company successfully made its return to international tattoo conventions, unveiling a series of groundbreaking products.

The long-anticipated Ultron 3 took the spotlight as our first wireless machine. While it is not the first of its kind on the market, its unparalleled performance and ergonomic design distinguish it from any other. Pioneering decisions, like incorporating a flywheel and a Start-stop system, set Ultron 3 apart from its competitors, showcasing our commitment to innovative technology.

Breaking new ground in the industry, we developed both the motor and electronics that control it specifically for tattoo machines. No more consumer electronics motors with black boxes instead of control units!

Our dedication to the roots of the tattooing industry led to the release of the next generation of our coil machines, equipped with the needle stabilizer and RCA port, providing enhanced flexibility for artists who remain loyal to the coil.

The grand finale of our year was the launch of the Avenger 3 Pro, our flagship model that integrates the MultiStroke system with a changeable battery. This union represents the ultimate solution for any artist seeking versatility and adaptability.

This year VBI machines have delighted artists across 80+ countries. Despite all the challenges we faced, our resolve to surprise you with innovative solutions remains unyielding. We'll continue to provide unparalleled client support and push the boundaries of product quality in the coming year.

Eight exceptional artists joined our ProTeam this year, further enriching our community. Now we are honored to be supported by 61 tattoo experts hailing from 20 different countries. Thank you for trusting our machines, guys.

Here's to an incredible 2024!

Warm regards,

VBI Team