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What to do if the spring often breaks?

Tattoo machines
In 2007, when Vlad Blad - the founder of the VBI brand - decided to start making tattoo machines not only for himself and his friends, but also for sale, they were some of the most powerful and productive in the world.

Some American brands could also be tuned to be powerful, but only the VBI brand was already very powerful right out of the shop. It is because of this highest power that our cars are correspondingly loud; sports cars also tend to sound louder than their civilian counterparts. 

It is because of this highest power Vlad in his time encountered an increased frequency of spring breaks, compared to the weaker tattoo machines. Since 2007 I have tried many springs from American and European manufacturers, there were tried many different methods of spring making (punching, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, electrical discharge cutting). 

We tried several brands of spring steel from producers in America, Europe, China and Russia. We tried to buy ready hardened steel, and also tried to harden it at Russian factories to our standards. With each year of research and experiments, the frequency of spring breakage on our machines is decreasing. But we have not yet managed to eliminate this fact completely. 

At present we have developed proprietary technology of spring manufacture including cutting on our own CNC electrical discharge machine, further machining, bending and stabilization. 

Among the first to introduce the angle of inclination of the seat on serial machines (previously, it was necessary to bend the backspring manually and adjust the machine every time it was replaced). 
We started to supply already bent front springs (previously, the front spring had to be bent by yourself and adjusted the operation of the machine). 
We have developed a monolithic spring and supply it immediately bent (which is now being actively implemented by many other builders, and before the springs had to be bent independently and try to align springs of two parts, evenly with each other) and are ready to help by phone or via facebook 7 days a week. 
The first and probably still the only ones to start changing springs for free during the year. 
If you suddenly have a broken spring on your new machine or even two springs in a row, it does not mean the machine itself or the springs are defective. We check all the angles and planes on the tattoo machines and make control measurements of the characteristics in each batch of springs. If you have never in your life did not break the springs on other builders' machines it is because most likely they are simply weaker than ours and as a result the springs are much less loaded. 

The springs are made of high carbon spring steel. The steel itself can be heterogeneous and in some places have excessive stresses in its structure. It does not show up on weak tattoo machines, but on heavy-duty machines these places become points from which a crack can be triggered by the strongest vibrations. That is why sometimes on the same machine can break two springs in a row, and the third work for five years until the contact screw does not burn through it. 

As a handyman, you can extend the life of your spring in two ways that are beyond our control: Do not allow rust to appear on the spring!!! - The tiniest points of rust can be the points that initiate cracking. Watch the amplitude and tighten the contact screw in time! The greater the amplitude - the greater the risk of breaking even a perfectly perfect spring, especially on high horsepower cars. Remember - lovers of high amplitude simply do not know how to work correctly, they do not expose the needle in the idle state from the spout outwards and, as a consequence, the needle does not have enough scope to pierce the skin in some places. And they solve this in the most obvious way - by increasing the amplitude! This is wrong, the right thing to do is to make the needle stick out 1-2 mm from the spout when idle. Watch how the cool and fast masters work - they overwhelmingly do exactly that.