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What do pick-up techniques for seducing girls and learning to tattoo have in common?

Tattoo machines
As it happens, many cool Western technologies can be perceived and used in a primitive way. It is as if a savage found a high-tech blaster of the future and used it instead of a truncheon.

Such is the case with NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). Initially, this purely practical science was developed in order to be able to easily and quickly clone highly professional skills. In order to discard the long process of classical training and replace it with technology, when a specialist can be trained not in five to ten years, but in a month or a few months.

Professionals use NLP to model processes within firms and train specialists by all successful firms and large corporations.
Non-professionals mostly take advantage of the most poppy sides of this powerful tool, which is to get laid easily and squeeze something for free. This conclusion is easily drawn from an analysis of popular searches of the literature on NLP in search engines.
Everyone is interested in how they can get the girl in an easier way and brainwash the hell out of everyone around them into giving them money for free. The method of NLP can easily give all of the voiced, but at any rate will not work for free - will have to work hard to become a cool pickup or a cool manipulator)).

So, after attending numerous trainings on developing and embedding models I created a system for teaching tattooing techniques.
Based on it, you can very quickly embed the skills of the Right Tattooing Technique.
The Correct Tattooing Technique involves strips that are done in one pass, without holes or blows, the coloring and shading are uniform and do not require corrections.
In total, it takes one class to build the skill of one-pass contour, dense ink and smooth gradients. Then all that remains is to consolidate the skills learned on your own. And perhaps in a few months attend another corrective session.

There is a presupposition in NLP - any skill of one person can be embedded in another if there is sufficient basic physiological compatibility. That is, if you have both hands and are able to hold a typewriter, then it's real. Of course for RIGHT single-pass contours, you also need the skill to draw them with a simple pen or pencil. If you don't have that skill, you'll learn how to make curved one-pass contours))).

Naturally the equipment has to be right too, starting with the machine and power supply, ending with wires, nipples, rubber bands, needles, paints and a bunch of stuff. Otherwise, the apprentice's time will be spent struggling with a stillborn staff rather than building the right skills on the right equipment. After training, you can work with anything you want, as long as you're willing to torture rather than stab with ease!