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Vlad Blad Tattoo Machines: A Blend of Art and Technology

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Vlad Blad Irons offers a range of professional tattoo machines and equipment, blending innovative technology with artistic design to cater to the diverse needs of tattoo artists. Here's a comprehensive overview of their offerings and what makes them stand out in the tattoo industry.

Types of Tattoo Machines

Vlad Blad offers various types of tattoo machines, each designed for specific applications and user preferences. Some of the notable models include:

  • Ultron 3 Custom: A professional wireless tattoo machine with custom unique design, offering strokes of 3.7 - 4.2 - 4.7, available in different designs (Firestarter, MoneyMaker, Nickel, Cosmic Magic, Space, Custom by Shpigel).
  • Ultron 3 Max: Another variant of the Ultron 3 with 66% larger battery, offering strokes of 3.7 - 4.2 - 4.7 and priced at 1,377€. More Details
  • Ultron 3: A professional wireless tattoo machine available in different stroke variations (3.7 - 4.2 - 4.7). It is priced at 1,277€. More Details

Unique Features and Designs

Vlad Blad tattoo machines are renowned for their unique designs and features, such as:
  • Versatility: Machines like the Ultron and Avenger series offer various stroke lengths, catering to different tattooing styles and techniques.
  • Custom Designs: Some machines are available in custom designs, offering artists a unique aesthetic alongside top-tier functionality.
  • Quality and Durability: The machines are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and reliable performance.

Additional Products and Accessories

Vlad Blad also provides a range of accessories and other tattooing equipment, ensuring artists have access to everything they need for their craft. This includes PowerBox for power supply, different types of grips for your needs and cables.

Expertise and Community

Vlad Blad emphasizes the importance of community and expertise in the tattooing world. We have a ProTeam, consisting of high-level tattoo artists who share the brand’s values and enjoy working with VBI equipment. We also provide manuals for all their products to ensure artists can utilize them effectively. Meet our Proteam

Purchase and Warranty

Vlad Blad provides clear information about payment, shipping, and warranty on their products, ensuring transparency and reliability in their business operations. They also offer guarantees on product returns and money returns, safeguarding customer interests.


We answer customer questions 24/7, we try to provide service as quickly as possible. We have a repair shop in Europe, so we can fix the shortcomings ASAP. Our team works to ensure that you create professional works without problems.

Engaging with the Tattoo Community

Vlad Blad not only sells tattoo machines but also engages with the tattoo community by sharing news, insights, and information about tattooing technologies and techniques. They also encourage artists to be the first to know about their latest features and news through a subscription.
Vlad Blad Irons stands out in the tattoo industry by offering a blend of innovative technology, artistic design, and community engagement. Their range of tattoo machines, accessories, and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make them a notable choice for tattoo artists at various levels of expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of tattoo machines does Vlad Blad offer?

Vlad Blad offers a variety of tattoo machines, including the Ultron series, Avenger series and Coils, each designed for specific applications and user preferences in the tattooing process. They provide machines with different stroke variations and unique features to cater to various tattooing styles and techniques.

Why choose Vlad Blad Tattoo Machines?

Artists choose Vlad Blad Tattoo Machines for their innovative technology, artistic design, and high-quality materials. The machines are known for their reliability, durability, and versatility in catering to different tattooing styles. Additionally, Vlad Blad provides comprehensive information, guides, and support for artists, ensuring optimal usage of their machines.

Where can I purchase Vlad Blad Tattoo Machines?

Vlad Blad Tattoo Machines can be purchased directly from our official website, which offers a wide range of their products, including various models of tattoo machines, accessories, and other tattooing equipment. The website provides detailed information about each product, ensuring that artists can select machines that cater to their specific needs and preferences.